To The Students

  • Start every work by remembering the gracious almighty Allah.
  • Always respect your parents, teachers and elders, greet them and listen to them. Be affectionate towards your juniors. Help the poor, defenseless and the old.
  • Always speak truth, be honest and not tell any lies. Abstain from any sort of corrupted work.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of religion.
  • For ascending to the summit of success be hardworking and persevering.
  • Students are to come to the school preparing for his class, doing all the home tasks and wearing the proper uniform.
  • Students should memorize the national anthem, oath and the prayer with correct pronunciation.
  • Students are to abstain from being indecent and abusive with their words and behavior. They should not mix with any bad company. They should abide by all rules and regulations of the school. Violation of these might result in punishment for the students.
  • To keep the school campus neat and clean students should dump all garbage and junks of tiffin in the bin.
  • Students should not write or sketch on the classroom wall and the bench.
  • Students should not quarrel with each other, or behave in an inappropriate manner.
  • Students are not to damage any of the laboratory equipment or school assets. If you see anybody damaging anything, you should stop him/her from doing so and immediately report it to the school authority.
  • Students are to attend all the functions of the school and try to make it a success by maintain peace in the atmosphere.
  • Students must come to school with necessary stationaries (book, diary, pen, pencil) of their own.
  • If any student tries to write or sketch on the lesson plan, school diary and result card; or tries to damage these, then he will be punished according to school rules and regulations.
  • If a student loses his diary, then he will have to deposit a fixed amount to the school and collect a new diary from the class teacher.
  • If the percentage attendance of any student falls below 80%, then he will not be allowed to sit for the examination.
  • Students are forbidden to wear shoes and chat on the Sahid Minar.

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