Rules and Regulations

The emphasis in all our branch is on reading. Whether it is books which relate to the curriculum or those which enhance the thinking and writing skills from an early age, our libraries boast of a wide variety of books on varied subjects. Books & multimedia resources on a variety of subjects procured from all over the world aims to help children rediscover the joy of reading and unfurl their mind. An extensive reference section helps children work on multidimensional projects. The library is equipped with carefully selected latest magazines, periodicals and newspapers of international repute to keep the students updated with the world’s current affairs.

  • School students must be present timely, wearing the selected uniforms.
  • Silence in the library must be maintained.
  • Discipline & silence have to be ensured in laboratory.
  • All students must show respect to elders & considerate feelings to younger.
  • Teachers desire polite attitude from the students from all aspects.
  • Students must ensure short & polished haircut.
  • School administration needs co-operation from the students for proper maintenance of the properties
  • Making crowd in the balcony & outside the college is not allowed during class hour. .
  • Any sort of unwanted activities like fighting, quarreling etc. is not expected.
  • If it is proved as misdeed, administration can take direct & proper steps without showing any explanation.

To the respected Guardians

  • Guardians are to sign and comment in the diary where it is needed,
  • For your child’s regular attendance please check the school diary and sign in the text signal’s place.
  • Pay attention whether the school tuition and other fees are timely paid or not.
  • If your child cannot come to school due any problems, then you have to submit a written leave application with your signature for that particular day to the school authority.
  • If your child remains absent for more than two days in a month, then you have to come to the school for that leave to be granted.
  • If your child cannot come to school due to serious illness, then you have to write an application addressing the Head Master and submit it to the class teacher. After your child recovers, then you will have to attach the medical certificate with the application for those leaves to be granted.
  • If you need any help regarding your child’s welfare, then you may come and consult with the adhering teacher on a fixed date and time.
  • If your child fails in the final exam, then please do not try to lobby for his/her promotion to the next class. Failed students are required to give a written application to the class teacher and to clear the payments of the school at the beginning of the month January.
  • If any student fails the final exam twice, then according to the government law, s/he will be terminated from the school.
  • A student’s intellectual manifestation happens with the inclusive work and guidance of both guardian and teacher. So, for the betterment of your child’s future maintain contact with us.
  • “Students are the desired children of teachers” – by keeping these word in your mind please help the teachers spontaneously in building of his character and improving his studies.


To the students

  • Start every work by remembering the gracious almighty Allah.
  • Always respect your parents, teachers and elders, greet them and listen to them. Be affectionate towards your juniors. Help the poor, defenseless and the old.
  • Always speak truth, be honest and not tell any lies. Abstain from any sort of corrupted work.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of religion.
  • For ascending to the summit of success be hardworking and persevering.
  • Students are to come to the school preparing for his class, doing all the home tasks and wearing the proper uniform.
  • Students should memorize the national anthem, oath and the prayer with correct pronunciation.
  • Students are to abstain from being indecent and abusive with their words and behavior. They should not mix with any bad company. They should abide by all rules and regulations of the school. Violation of these might result in punishment for the students.
  • To keep the school campus neat and clean students should dump all garbage and junks of tiffin in the bin.
  • Students should not write or sketch on the classroom wall and the bench.
  • Students should not quarrel with each other, or behave in an inappropriate manner.
  • Students are not to damage any of the laboratory equipment or school assets. If you see anybody damaging anything, you should stop him/her from doing so and immediately report it to the school authority.
  • Students are to attend all the functions of the school and try to make it a success by maintain peace in the atmosphere.
  • Students must come to school with necessary stationaries (book, diary, pen, pencil) of their own.
  • If any student tries to write or sketch on the lesson plan, school diary and result card; or tries to damage these, then he will be punished according to school rules and regulations.
  • If a student loses his diary, then he will have to deposit a fixed amount to the school and collect a new diary from the class teacher.
  • If the percentage attendance of any student falls below 80%, then he will not be allowed to sit for the examination.
  • Students are forbidden to wear shoes and chat on the Sahid Minar.

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