There is a library in Noakhali Zilla School from its establishment time. It is located the ground floor of the main building beside teacher’s auditorium. There are about 6000 books on various topics and 28 cupboards in here. There are books on liberation war, poetry, history, novels, religion, short stories, science and many more topics. The library is run by the students under supervision of a teacher. At present there is no librarian in the library. Students study in the library in their leisure time.

Whether it is books which relate to the curriculum or those which enhance the thinking and writing skills from an early age, our libraries boast of a wide variety of books on varied subjects. Books & multimedia resources on a variety of subjects procured from all over the world aims to help children rediscover the joy of reading and unfurl their mind. An extensive reference section helps children work on multidimensional projects. The library is equipped with carefully selected latest magazines, periodicals and newspapers of international repute to keep the students updated with the world’s current affairs.

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