From the beginning of this school there has been a science laboratory. In 1960 due to the introduction of education system the need for separate laboratories was felt for different subject like- physics, chemistry and biology. From this perspective three different laboratories were built in 1963. In every lab there are necessary equipment and furniture. And a store room is attached with every lab. At present due to the enhancement in education system and the growing number of students, we cannot manage all students in the laboratory at once. And so, we have made arrangements of a small laboratory for class nine and ten. For other class students, similar type of arrangements have been made. For higher mathematics, agricultural studies and geography the practical works are arranged in the classroom.

Besides theoretical knowledge the students can have an opportunity to study physics, chemistry, Biology  and Computer science at the laboratory. The laboratory is enriched with modern tools and chemicals. There is also a modern computer laboratory enriched with air-conditioner and multi-media projector. The computer lab has 50 modern and updated computers which is different from any other educational institutions in Noakhali.

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