Traditionally Noakhali Zilla School was established in 1850. From the establishment of this school there has been the arrangements of the hostel for students who live far away. The hostel is a one storied building of 8 rooms located at the southern part of the school ground. There are facilities for 4 students in every room. The water, electricity and gas supply is convenient in there.

Around 2003-04 the hostel in the southern part of school became uncongenial for students to live. Later on in around 2005-06 another hostel was built at the western part of the school. There are total 36 students living the 9 rooms of the hostel now.  Every facilities of the old hostel is available in this new one. Every year the students living in the hostel pass with flying colors in the S.S.C examination. Later on they engage themselves in the betterment of the country.

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