Noakhali Zilla School also has an auditorium with all the modern facilities for any event.

Introduction & Location: The school auditorium is also very traditional like the school. This is the only auditorium among all the schools in the district. This is the only reliable place for various local and national level programs; especially for governments to execute their work plans. For any sort of extension in education, culture and information technology related works this auditorium plays a massive role.

This auditorium is located behind the library at the western part of the school administration building. It is on the left side of the main gate.

Construction & Renovation: In 1850, the auditorium was constructed along the Noakhali Zilla School’s old building. But alas, it had to be shifted to its current location along with the school due to the changes in the geographical reversal occurred with the corrosion of Meghna river. Around 1962-63 it was built in here. Later on the former secretary of education; current secretary of the cabinet council and chairman of PSC Dr. Sadat Hossain took the initiative to rebuilt the auditorium building around 2002-03. He is one of the distinguished people of Noakhali.

Current Management: At present there are 250 seats in the auditorium. Some simple arrangements along with stage and washroom facilities are there. After the damage of the ceiling; around 2002-03 it was renovated with tin shade ceiling. All latest facilities are there at present.


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